Online Giving Through Bank America

If you are interested in giving directly through your bank account and/or having it be
automatically deducted here are 10 easy steps to set this up through Bank of America.

Step 1:
Sign into your online banking through the Bank of America Website.

Step 2:
Finish your sign in process by checking your site key and putting in your passcode.

Step 3:
Click on the “Bill Pay” tab, at the top of the Online Banking homepage.

Step 4:
Click on the “Show the Add a Pay To Account section” link.

Step 5:
In the “Pay a Company” box, under “Company Name” type in “Child Evangelism Fellowship of New Mexico” and click “Go.”

Step 6:
On the “Add a Pay To Account: Enter Information” page, click on the “I do not have an account number” link.

Step 7:
On the “Add a Pay To Account: Enter Information” page number 2, fill in the following spaces with CEF’s
information, with your desired information in “Nickname” (which is shown only in your Bill Pay area online, this
information is optional), and “Identifying Information” (this information shows up on the check sent to Hope, under
the identifying information, but this is not the memo information).

Step 8:
The Pay To Account has now been Added. You now have two options.

Option 1: To make a one time donation fill out the amount and date and click on “Make Payment.” (Green Boxes & Arrow)
Option 2: To set up a reoccurring donation click on “Automatic Payments.” (Black Arrow)

Step 9:
Click on “Go” next to the drop down box for “Reoccurring Payments.”

Step 10:
To set up a reoccurring payment; select the “Pay From Account”, fill in the “Payment Amount”, select the first payment
date and frequency, and click “Set Up Payment.”